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At RJA Associates, we provide professional services for municipal, commercial and school bus fleets who are interested in deploying aftermarket fleet technology to enhance safety, security and productivity across their fleet.

We offer a wide range of services to meet the needs of fleet owners and fleet technology providers such as;

Professional installation services

Mobile app and custom database for installation status reports

Site Surveys and full documentation of findings

Field-based quality assurance

Project implementation planning

Installation training and certification for self-installation or train-the-trainer

Pre-existing installation forensics

Project management

Pre-existing installation forensics

Who We Are?
We are industry veterans who have the passion and drive to make fleet aftermarket a more reliable and profitable place to be for the aftermarket manufacturer and reseller. Being involved at various stages with fleet projects over the years has made us aware of the largest problems the clients face, and we’re determined to put an end to these problems.

We differ because our passion and drive are focused on quality, reliability, and most of all, service to both the end user client and our clients.

We provide customized services for your business needs

At RJA Associates,


We differ because our passion and drive are focused on quality, reliability, and most of all, service to both the end user client and our clients.


Services we Offer

Site Surveys

Successful launch of any fleet technology product into any fleet is positively correlated to a commitment to define and document every aspect of the installation in advance. This critical step allows customers to better prepare for an upcoming deployment project and ensure that installations are done in accordance with a certified process and a predefined scope of work.

A Site Survey is performed to determine the makeup of a customer’s fleet, the components involved in the installation, the facilities available to support installation at the location(s), documentation of the customer’s and technology provider’s requirements, to build complete documentation of installation best practices and can be used to create training materials for the project and installation teams involved.

Installation Training and Certification

Whether you plan on performing installations using your own employees or you plan on using a local resource to do the work for you, having an RJA Associates representative provide the installation training and certification is a sound investment. We have extensive experience with a wide variety of aftermarket fleet technology products. A partial list of the products we have deployed includes: Telematics, In-Cab Communications and Camera Systems, Trailer Tracking, Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems, Back-Up Camera Systems and Back-Up Sensor Systems.
We will support the deployment with a training curriculum designed for the unique needs of each project. Our programs will ensure those involved are proficient and can perform a reliable installation of your fleet technology purchase. The training curriculum can be for one or for several, can include days of on-site training or webinars to save on cost and can be structured to train-the-trainer or train the installer.
The benefits are several: Local resources are trained on the product(s), trained to perform basic troubleshooting, and to handle device swap-outs as vehicles are replaced in the fleet. This results in fewer tech support phone calls, less downtime on your devices and, most importantly, freedom to deploy those savings to grow your core business.

Custom Data Base & API Development

Based on the Device instlled on Fleet or Equipment we have development Capblities to provide detail unit info to Customer need.

Field-based quality assurance

At RJA Associates, our reputation is earned on every installation. We will always have one or more of our team on each deployment project to ensure that installations are being performed to our demanding standards. This is crucial to the project’s success as even the best made plans have unforeseen circumstances. If not addressed proactively, this can cause delays or reliability issues down the road. We are determined to eliminate this altogether.

A side benefit to our approach is that the end user will have a senior member of RJA Associates at their location to discuss any potential questions or concerns. The Benefit: A happier customer, target return on investment achieved and minimal, if any, installation issues

Pre-existing Installation Forensics

You’ve invested significant physical and financial resources in your fleet technology, but your return on investment has not been realized. What’s causing this? Is it faulty product? Is it poor quality installation? Were poor quality materials used in the installation? Is it tampering? Is the technology in your vehicle no longer functioning the way it was designed after you’ve had the vehicle serviced? While performing our forensics examinations, we will work with customers to determine the exact cause(s) as to why you’re having an unacceptable number of problems with the technology. We will provide you with a complete assessment of the situation and a plan of action to correct any deficiencies.
In addition, we can provide the training and education necessary to prevent these problems from occurring in the future. If installation repairs are needed, we can determine the extent of the repairs and be involved in the corrective process.


Project Implementation Planning and Management

Some projects are too large and technically challenging for a client to manage with their own staff. In some cases, this may be due to a client having several projects going on at the same time, spreading their assets too thin, or the project could just be beyond their core strengths. We will work with those clients to be a “trusted partner” on the ground, managing installations, handling documentation, providing progress reports, performing product programming/troubleshooting, product ordering, handling any RMA process, reprogramming scripts or firmware, vehicle engineering, and representing the client on location with the end user customer.

VIP Installation Services

Many times, a client has a pilot program with the potential to get a larger contract, and needs someone they trust implicitly to conduct a flawless pilot installation. We’ll have the “A Team” from RJA Associates come in and perform the installations, with one of us present to manage the installations. We will work with the end user client to determine specific requirements such as; how the product will be used, where the products will be installed and what they expect out of the product. We will then work with our client to ensure that the end user gets what they expect and that the pilot has the best possible chance for the product to shine

Additional Services

The chances that a client will need something beyond the other services offered are slim, but in that event, we’ll certainly work with any client to “get it done”. All it takes is communication. Getting RJA Associates involved in the earliest stage will help ensure a successful project regardless of size or scope.

Already Know the Details of Your Project?

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